What We Do

B’n’M Homes is here to help home-owners, like you, out of bad situations.

If you…

  • Are Getting Divorced
  • Behind on Mortgage payments
  • Have Bad Tenants
  • Downsizing
  • Relocating for your Work
  • Behind on Property Taxes
  • Haven’t been able to Sell through an Agent

We want to see you happy and in control of your life!

B’n’M Homes is not a Giant Corporation where you will get a standard reply by an automaton cubicle jockey. We want each and every home-owner to know that we personally handle each case and genuinely care about your situation.

What to do Next?

Submit Your Information

Click Get a Quote¬†above to access our form. It’s really easy and only takes about 4 mins. All of your information comes directly to us and not a third-party. We will never sell or rent ANY information submitted. If you only have questions, just use your current home information.

We Will Call You

We will call you back. Or we can email you if you would prefer. Just let us know on the form! After we receive your information we will discuss your house, go over the options and set up a time to meet and evaluate the property. We work the weekends so you won’t be bothered during your normal week routines. We’re here for you!

You get a Cash Offer!

A cash offer will be made based on the evaulation and the type of solution offered. This is a no-obligation, completely string-free offer. You can walk away and we will part friends. If the offer works then we will begin the paperwork.

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